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Patrick Linman has been a fulltime musician since 1995. As a troubadour, he’s performed around 4,000 gigs, plus many more with bands and different musical projects. He is also a songwriter, manager and producer who runs his own company, Skyhaus Management. 

Although his repertoire includes all the classic hits, his true passion is for 80’s music like Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Richard Marx & Don Henley. Based in Vaasa/Finland



Andre Linman is a hugely popular artist from Vaasa/Finland, who is best known from his former band, Sturm und Drang. When not on tour with his new band “One Desire”, Andrè is available for gigs, either as a solo artist or in different groups. His repertoire includes classic rock, country and the latest songs in Swedish, Finnish and English and his own hits of course. 

Based in Vaasa/Finland




The all-time best troubadour in Sweden! This guy has it all: he knows how to sing, play and entertain! On top of all that, he knows all the songs you want to hear. If you need the best, Jalle is your man! Based in Stockholm/Sweden




Annika is a talented singer & guitar player from Turku/Finland. She enjoys doing live gigs and loves acoustic music. Her repertoire includes songs by Bon Jovi, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Haloo Helsinki, Apulanta and Kirka, plus many more. Based in Turku/Finland



George comes from Dublin, Ireland.  He has been playing music in bars and clubs in Finland since 2001.  Of course he has plenty of Irish drinking songs to spice up any evening and get the feet tapping and hands clapping. George keeps his sets up to date to ensure the younger people are catered for as well as looking after the evergreen classics crowd. He's also known to max out his looper and bang out 90s dance hits.  Based in Espoo/Finland



Dave has already established himself as a highly popular troubadour for Viking Line on Viking Grace, Amorella and Viking XPRS, where he regularly entertains with his vast and varied repertoire of rock/pop/country/soul. Artists covered include The Beatles, Stereophonics, Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse, The Police, The Eagles, Elton John, David Bowie plus many more. Dave has the experience to tailor his show for any eventuality, from easy listening to a rocking party. You want it, you got it! Based in Helsinki/Finland



Acoustic Guitar/Vocalist from London with hundreds of popular songs in his head, from 1950's rock ‘n’ roll to current hits. Will plays all over the world, from the Pubs of England, Denmark and Norway to the cruise lines of the Baltic Sea and the Caribbean.  Will has lots of influences, from the greats such as Elvis, The Eagles and Clapton to Irish drinking songs and modern crowd pleasers like Avicii and The Killers. His great variety of tunes will get everyone clapping and dancing along. Based in UK



After more than 10 years on the road, Ulf is one of Sweden's best Country singers. He delivers both modern and classic songs, inspired by Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith and many more. Together with the Highway Boys, guests get a powerful country experience. Suitable for larger parties and festivals. Alone with his guitar, he fits perfectly for smaller events. Based in Umeå/Sweden

Philip Järvenpää.jpg


The “constant number 1" on Yle Vega’s Vegatoppen! Philip is a 19 year-old artist from Ostrobothnia who plays 50´s and 60´s music. He was discovered by music producer Thomas Enroth a couple of years ago and quickly 

became a popular artist. He’s also released his own material.

Based in Pietarsaari/Finland

Matteo Carboncini.jpg


Featured on Italian TV as a guitarist and producer, playing as a hired gun for Italian popstars like Gianluca Grignani, Alexia and many more, Matteo has also built a solid solo (expandable up to a trio) guitar-and-vocals performance, based on 15 years of experience in clubs, theaters, squares and cruise ships, which includes a wide range of songs ranging from Italian classics to barroom folk songs, not forgetting  international hits and blues roots. Matteo moved to Finland in 2018. Based in Espoo/Finland

Claudio Sasso.jpg


Claudio Sasso is a great troubadour from Italy, who is nowadays based in Helsinki. He plays classic evergreens, pop and rock, either with

backingtracks or simply unplugged, depending on the situation.

Based in Helsinki/Finland



Pickles2000 is an amazing troubadour based in Turku. He has 700+ songs in his vast repertoire consisting of international pop, rock and disco classics with material ranging from the 50’s to the present day. He has done thousands of acoustic gigs and has an unparalleled raspy voice to go along with great sounding gear. He is capable of performing everything from AC/DC to Tina Turner and more in the original key. So, if you’re looking for a totally wild unforgettable party night filled with acoustic rock classics, then look no further. Pickles2000 is your man!

Otto Fothy.jpg


Otto Fothy is a long-time musician based in Helsinki, who toured with Paul Young in 1996. He plays hits from the 60´s to the present day. He mostly works with backing tracks but can perform acoustic sets if requested. His repertoire includes the best guitar hits from the likes of Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and many others.



Kriss Viconte successfully combines the traditional troubadour to its modern-day equivalent, the One Man Band. Kriss’ repertoire covers music from the 50's to the rock guitar music of today. He is a great all-round performer for any occasion. Based in Porvoo/Finland

Alan Parry.jpg


One of the best troubadours in Finland!
Alan knows every song that’s worth playing. Originally from England, he’s been living in Finland for the last 15 years. His repertoire includes songs all the way from the 60´s to modern hits. The night will be perfect with Alan Parry in the house. 
Based in Tammisaari/Finland



One of the best troubadours in Scandinavia! A great entertainer and a great guitar player. And she’s got the voice to go with it! A Swedish Cheryl Crow. You’ll hear songs by Elvis Presley, Robbie Williams, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris, Bruce Springsteen plus many more.

Based in Norrköping/Sweden



Dennis is an excellent musician, singer and entertainer. He’s been in the music business for more than 20 years, performing about 100 gigs a year. He plays songs all the way from 50’s rock ‘n’ roll to modern pop and hard rock. Always with a smile on his face and a focus on the audience. Based in Pietarsaari/Finland



Geir Rönning is a well know Scandinavian artist with lots of experience from stages around the world. Originally from Norway. He is proud to be the winner and to have represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine in 2005, and also to have been one of the original “IDOLS” from the TV show “Idols” on Swedish television! He mostly performs as a solo act, but also with bands, sometimes even Big Bands and Symphony Orchestras.

Based in Helsinki/Finland



Born in the USA and raised in Mexico, Duke can bring the party to every stage he performs on. With Duke's dash of humor and loads of energy, you'll end up singing (and even dancing) along to many of your favorite songs. Based in Helsinki/Finland



Jonas Hofer is both an excellent singer and a skilled guitarist from Stockholm. Jonas plays all kinds of music, but his passion is with 50’s music and rockabilly. His band, Jonas and The Bopping Cats, has been working with the famous Swedish artist Peter Jezewski (former singer with The Boppers). Based in Stockholm/Sweden



Tomas is a multi-instrumentalist, who performs in different constellations as well as solo. Groups where he is active right now include an Eagles tribute band and a dance band (Swedish style, country). His vast repertoire includes songs from the past until today. His specialty, however, is 60’s pop music, since he was the bandleader of a Beatles tribute band for ten years in Finland. Tomas has also some experience of American power-pop, as he played in an American band for two years while his family lived there. Based in Vaasa/Finland



Alexandra is a singer-songwriter who is in high demand as a performer. Despite being only 19 years old, this talented artist has been performing on stages professionally since 2017. Her cheerfulness and drive lie in sharing her talent and helping to create the very best 

possible time and experience for audience and herself. Her repertoire consists of a prime mix of some of today’s pop hits, all time classics, and tomorrow’s upcoming releases written by the artist herself. 

Based in Ostrobothnia/Finland

Magda Andersson.jpg


Magda Andersson is an artist and songwriter living in Umeå. She has been working professionally as a musician for about 5 years and performs at everything from neighborhood pubs to major festivals throughout Europe. She spends her free time writing and performing her own Swedish pop songs. Soon she will be ready to release her fourth album. As a troubadour she performs a lot of progg, American folk and some modern pop songs. Based in Umeå/Sweden

Bryn Jones.jpg


Bryn Jones is a troubadour and lead singer/bassist with the rock band Los Bastardos Finlandeses. He has had more than 30 years of experience performing. He is an old school rocker - no iPad, no tricks – simply a man and a guitar with a large repertoire of rock, blues, country and rock ‘n’ roll! Based in Helsinki/Finland

Jarkko Klemetti.jpg


Jarkko Klemetti is a skilled troubadour and a good entertainer.

In his repertoire you’ll find songs by Juha Tapio, Hector, Eppu Normaali, J. Karjalainen, Leevi and the Leavings, Green Day, Oasis, CCR, Elvis, U2 and some 90´s music. Based in Kuhmo/Finland

Hasse Eriksson.jpg


Hasse Eriksson is a singer and guitarist who performs solo as well as in different band configurations. He has years of experience when it comes to playing in cover bands. He likes to do all the great rock, pop, country and blues songs; from the 50’s to the hits of today. His repertoire includes songs in English, Swedish and Finnish. With Hasse Eriksson, you’ll hear the songs of Elvis, The Eagles, Tomas Ledin, Mamba, Hector and many more. Based in Vaasa/Finland.

Leeni Mäkelä.jpg


Leeni is a multi-instrumentalist and a one-woman band. With the help of a loop pedal she plays various instruments to back her strong singing voice. You could say she's a female Ed Sheeran. Her repertoire includes country, rock and pop - from the 70’s to the hits of today. Leeni’s live energy will make you sing and dance your worries away. Based in Turku/Finland.

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